Friday, November 4, 2011

Witch Cupcakes!!! …..And I WON!

I made these witch cupcakes for a Ward Halloween Party. We have a contest every year and this year I WON the contest!! I was so excited!


These were a lot of work; but I recruited my family to help!


I dyed the cupcakes green, made green frosting, used Mini Wheat for the hair, green Air Head for the Witch’s nose, waffle cone covered in melted chocolate for the top of the hat, marshmallow fondant covered in chocolate for the brim (I wanted it flexible to go over the nose), and then rolled out starbursts for the band and buckle on the hat.


They must have tasted good, cause there weren’t any left!!! … I kinda wanted to taste how the fondant tasted with the chocolate on it!

Can’t wait for next year!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY: Old Pallet Project!

There have been a lot of fun DIY ideas floating around Pinterest that use an old Pallet and it got me thinking of what I could make for FREE!

So I turned this FREE old Pallet into a jewelry shelf for my bedroom! I just sawed it in half and screwed it to my wall!

IMG_6644IMG_6645I love how it looks in my room! I think it looks so fun to have an old piece in your room!

Added some Passas to my bookshelf!

This bookshelf just needed something new, I didn’t like that I couldn’t see my d├ęcor very well. So I hand painted a pattern on the inside!





Another DIY project that I am proud to say I did!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gone Digital….

So for along time I wouldn’t give in and convert from paper scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking. But I have now converted completely!

Here is my first page!:

MN fair pg1

I’m using Photoshop Elements 9 and so far I love all my options. There is SO much for me to learn though. I think I will now finish my pages faster and I’ll definitely make less of a mess!

In sum: Thank you to whom ever thought of digital scrapbooking, they’re so cute, takes less supplies, and saves me so much time!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Window Valance

OH, how my house needed these! Again I forgot to take a picture before we put them up. I wish you could see what a difference these made in our home!….Our apartment finally feel finished! These window boxes are now covering an ugly metal bar that holds up the vertical blinds.

IMG_6169IMG_6195They were really easy to make.

Cut the wood, nail it together, paint, screw to wall, sew fabric, and then hang it from some PVC pipe and WALA they were done!IMG_6171IMG_6172

This was a perfect solution for covering up an eye sore.

I redid my Lamps & Lampshades!

I got two lamps from craigslist for $15, but didn’t like how they looked; so of course I tore them apart and then put them back together!


First, I painted the base. If you have never used tin foil to cover the parts you don’t want spray painted, it’s the easiest way to do it!


Now the lampshade was a little bit of a pain; I didn’t like how long it was so I cut the bottom off, cut the metal ring smaller, got metal glue and glued it back on to the bottom of the lamp. I then got some fabric and Modge Podged it to the old lampshade.

And here is the finished product:


I like that I can say I made them, but they really were a lot of work next time I probably would just go buy some!

Old shelf made new again!

I wish I had a picture of what this looked like before I redid it. But trust me when I say it looks MUCH better now!


aren’t DIY projects so much fuh!!… There is always something you can do!

Organization Idea for Closet!

I saw this very clever idea on Pinterest…. I just had to do it.


I LOVE how easy it is to find what I’m looking for. Perfect for snacks and seasoning packets!

Organized my cupboards with Vinyl!


I’ve wanted to label my stuff for awhile now; and I finally did it! I was very fast and easy!


I also labeled my pots on my counter…..I like how they look


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turn an old skirt into a new one with Ruffles!

I’ve had this skirt since I was in high school; it just is not flattering on me at all…..SO I decided to fix it.



First I took it in on the sides to add some curves to the skirt.

Then I cut it in half, and used the bottom for the ruffle.


I didn’t want a strait ruffle, I wanted it to go up my leg, so I drew in the triangle and then cut it out of only the front. I then made my ruffle and sewed it to the bottom.


And TaaDaa!!!!…Here’s my new skirt without paying a penny!


I’ve thought about adding a cute bow where the ruffle comes up higher on the leg….What do ya think add it or no?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have finally finished most of my pages for my quietbook and I’m finally posting it!…….I have about 6 more pages I hope to be adding soon (I’ll post them as I finish them).


I made it so it closes with a button; it should be able to expand with more pages. I also put button holes in all the pages and then have used metal rings so I can add and take out pages as she grows!


Now for the pages:

IMG_5574IMG_5576Paper and crayons

Four Puzzles: Star, heart, and soon to make flower and smiley face.

IMG_5577IMG_5578 copyIMG_5579

IMG_5580 copyIMG_5581

Love this page!…Flower pot (flowers come off)…hand stitched everything!


This is the page I am most proud off! Noah’s Arc with finger puppet animals. ….I have many more animals to make. If you look close you’ll see even my clouds are fluffy!


And then my shapes page….SO far this is my daughters favorite page!

IMG_5590 IMG_5591

This has been a very fun project… I said I’ll post more as I make them!

Flip flops with flare!

I went to Old Navy this week to get my daughter some new sandals. All they had were size 5 and she’s not quite there yet. So this is what I did……..


I cut the elastic off and then put my own ribbon through, tied it tight, and then hand stitched it so it would come apart when she plays with it!


So easy!……They work great and I think they look better this way!

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